Text Quality Evaluation

This page presents the results of the evaluation of a data-to-text system for generating narratives from Activity of Daily Living (ADL) data, as described in:

Pierre-Luc Vaudry and Guy Lapalme. September 2016. Assembling Narratives with Associative Threads. CC-NLG 2016 - Proceedings of the First Computational Creativity in Natural Language Generation Workshop, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, September. Association for Computational Linguistics.

    • Evaluation Form Example
    • Document presenting:
      1. a results summary
      2. each evaluated generated text together with detailed results of its evaluation
    • Archive containing all the texts generated for the evaluation.
    • Excel file containing all the results of the evaluation.

These results were fully described in the Ph.D. Thesis of Pierre-Luc Vaudry.