Textual Resources

RALI provides some textual resources to researchers in natural language processing. We would appreciate that a mention of the RALI be made when they are used for experiments.

Linguistic Tools

Rali has a set of tools for the syntactic, semantic and probabilistic processing of natural language:

  • English and French morphologic dictionaries and tools for using them to find all morphological variants (conjugation and declination) of a basic form; we can also find the basic form from an inflected variant;
  • Probabilistic taggers which assign part of speech information to each word of a sentence;
  • Named entities finder for determining proper nouns, dates, money, etc.
  • Complex term extractor;
  • Automatic accentuation (Réacc) which can add diacritic information into French texts in which this information was lost or never given in the first place.
  • Conversion from SMSs to proper French and vice-versa: on the texto4science project page.
  • Yasa, a bilingual sentence aligner, aligns two translations of a text in order to produce a bi-text.


For more information about acquiring these resources, please contact Guy Lapalme.